Hotel regulations

Fire-fighting measures


The fire alarm is indicated by a sound signal. The alarm is triggered automatically when the fire is detected by the fire alarm system.


  1. If you see fire and/or smoke, please:
  • remain calm,
  • immediately notify the hotel staff, informing them of the place where the fire/smoke appeared and describing the event in detail (Reception: ext. 600 or +48 723 977 770),
  • follow the instructions given by the hotel staff who have been properly trained on the safety procedures. In the event of evacuation, use only stairs and go to level 0 (Reception).


  1. General emergency evacuation procedures:

* If you hear an alarm, remain calm, stand up and go to the nearest emergency exit. Do not come back to your room to collect your personal belongings.

* The evacuation route has been posted on every wall all throughout the hotel. Follow it and go to the nearest exit!

* Always use the exit stairs and never the lift!

* Do not run, but move fast!

* Warm everybody of the immediate danger!

* Crawl if there is smoke and cover your mouth with a wet cloth so that you can breathe better.

* Touch every door that you want to open – there can be fire behind it!

* Close all the doors and windows behind you to stop the fire!

* Go to the assembly point and stay there!

* Do not come back to the building unless you have been clearly informed it is safe now!

* Check and make sure that all the team members are there with you. If not, report it!

* The evacuation is ended if all the Guests and all the team members are safe at the assembly point!


Car park regulations


  1. The hotel’s own car park constitutes an integral part thereof and it is intended for the Guests only.
  2. It is unattended, subject to video surveillance, payable in accordance with the price list being currently in force.
  3. The vehicle user accepts the conditions laid down in these regulations and undertakes to abide by their provisions absolutely.
  4. Following the contract conclusion, the sole subject of storage is the car and the items being parts of its factory equipment
  5. Entering the car park must be reported to the reception so that the vehicle handover contract can be concluded.
  6. The vehicle user is obliged to protect it against unauthorised access (check and make sure that the car has been locked properly) as well as to use all the safety systems installed in the vehicle.
  7. The vehicle user is obliged to report any damage caused to the vehicle immediately, no later than before leaving the car park, though.
  8. For the sake of our Guests’ safety, the staff may refuse persons who are intoxicated or whose condition indicates prior alcohol consumption admittance to the car park.
  9. In the car park as well in on the access and internal roads, the provisions of the Traffic Law Act and the maximal speed of up to 10 km/h are in force.
  10. The hotel bears no liability for the consequences of failing to observe these rules and regulations.


Treatment Room Regulations


  1. The opening times: from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The SPA reception from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  2. It is advised to book your treatments in advance so that we can find the most suitable date for you. Please contact the SPA reception, our specialists will be glad to help you choose such treatments which answer your needs best.
  3. You can book a treatment by calling the reception (ext. 446) or in person.
  4. Please come to the treatment approx. 5 minutes before it is scheduled to commence. Taking a quick shower before the procedure is recommended to prepare your body.
  5. Please leave your valuables and jewellery in your room. Bringing such things to the SPA is risky as we bear no liability therefor, should they get lost.
  6. For the sake of your full, undisturbed relaxation, before entering the SPA, please turn your mobile phone off or mute it.
  7. Only the Guests above the age of 16 years are free to enjoy the full palette of all the services offered.
  8. The Hotel reserves the right to shorten the treatment if the Guest is late.
  9. Plans can change, and thus, you may cancel your treatment 12 hours before the scheduled hour free of charge. If you cancel your treatment 4 hours before the visit, we reserve the right to charge you 40% of the treatment value. If the cancellation is done under 4 hours before the treatment, we reserve the right to charge you 70% of the treatment value. If you fail to cancel your treatment and still do not come at all, the Mona Lisa Hotel Wellness & SPA reserves the right to charge you 70% of the treatment value by adding the cost to your hotel bill.
  10. The Hotel Guests using SPA services may have all the payments due for the purchased services and products added to their hotel bill.
  11. The SPA is a zone of silence and relaxation, thus, we would ask you to observe the following rules:
  • leave your mobile phone, camera, radio and music players in your room,
  • in the treatment zone, please remain silent,
  • please do not bring any foodstuffs, beverages and alcohols to the SPA and respect the smoking ban,
  • people being under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants are prohibited from using the SPA.


Pool regulations


  1. Before entering the pool premises, please make yourself acquainted with these regulations.
  2. It is assumed that every person staying on the pool premises has made themselves acquainted with these regulations and undertakes to abide by their provisions absolutely.
  3. The pool is open every day from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  4. The persons using the pool are obliged to follow all the recommendations given by the lifeguards and instructors conducting organised activities without exceptions.
  5. The persons violating public order and provisions of these regulations, not following the instructions given by the lifeguards and the staff can be asked to leave the pool premises.
  6. The pool is available to:
  • the hotel guests,
  • children and teenagers under 16 years of age may use the pool only if constantly accompanied by adults,
  • disabled persons who require direct care as well as persons prone to seizures, muscle spasms may use the pool only if accompanied by an adult carer, physiotherapist, after prior consultations with their doctor, or at their own risk.
  1. Persons in a poor state of health, fitness or feeling unwell as well as pregnant women should use the pool and its equipment with particular care, appropriate for their state of health.
  2. The hotel reserves the right to refuse access to the pool zone to the following persons:
  • whose condition indicates prior consumption of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants,
  • with external signs of skin damage, wounds which do not heal well, skin diseases, epilepsy, balance disorders,
  • whose behaviour may pose a threat to other people,
  • whose personal hygiene deviates from generally accepted norms,
  • children up to the age of 3 years without waterproof swim diapers.
  1. Entering the pool premises is only possible in flip flops and a swimming costume.
  2. Prior to entering the water, each pool user is obliged to carefully wash their body in the shower and to disinfect their feet.
  3. Silence and order are to be maintained at the swimming pool.
  4. All the swimming pool users are absolutely prohibited from: taking a run-up and jumping into the water, running around, leaving children alone, unattended by adults, bringing prams, bringing animals, consuming alcohol, behaving in such a way that it endangers the safety of other pool users.
  5. Consuming alcohol and smoking tobacco at the pool is strictly prohibited.
  6. The pool is not guarded by a lifeguard.

The behaviour and safety of children is the responsibility of their parents (guardians). 

  1. The hotel is not liable for any incidents or accidents which results from failing to observe these rules and regulations.
  2. Contaminating the pool leads to a financial penalty amounting to:
  • recreational pool: PLN 1 000.
  1. At the pool, smoking is strictly prohibited.
  2. The pool users are liable for any damage caused to the devices or equipment.
  3. Any danger or accident at the pool must be reported to the Reception.


Sauna regulations


  1. The sauna zone is open every day from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  2. Only the Guests who are at least 18 years old may use the sauna zone unattended.
  3. Children and minors may use the sauna only if accompanied by adults.
  4. The Guest is obliged to familiarise themselves with the methodology of sauning.

Entering the sauna is only possible if wearing the bath towel provided in the Guest’s room.

  1. For the sake of sauning correctly, making yourself acquainted with these rules is recommended:
  • Before entering the sauna:

 Avoid generous meals 2 hours before sauning, take care of your physiological needs, undress naked, remove any jewellery, your wristwatch and other similar things because they may cause burns, then wash your whole body carefully in the shower using water and soap, wipe it up dry, remove your flip-flops.

  • When using the dry sauna:

Choose such a bench which suits your needs and capabilities best, preferably starting with the lowest and then moving upwards up until you reach the highest bench. Wrap yourself in a towel so that as much of your body as possible is exposed to the temperature and moisture. Sit down and keep your legs at the level of your torso. Put a towel under every part of your body which comes in contact with the sauna wood. Control the time, remember not to spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna cabin. If you were sauning in the lying position, sit for a while and only then leave the sauna.

  • Once having left sauna, you should:

rinse sweat from your body with warm water, then cool it down by taking a cold shower, remember to start from the parts of your body furthest away from your heart, only at the end it is recommended to cool your neck and head down, after the shower – cool your body, have at least as much rest as you were sauning, preferably in the lying position, replenish your fluids.

  1. It is prohibited to use your own fragrance and essential oils as well as any other similar substances in the sauna cabins.
  2. The equipment of the sauna zone should be used in accordance with its intended purpose, exclusively as a form of bioregeneration. It is not allowed to destroy the devices as well as to contaminate the sauna cabins and showers.
  3. The Guest is obliged to remain civil and polite.
  4. The Guests whose condition indicates prior consumption of alcohol, drugs or doping substances shall be asked to leave the sauna zone.
  5. After sauning, it is advised to rest for approximately 20-30 minutes. One recommends drinking moderate amounts of water or juices (approximately 0,5 -1 l). Any physical activity is contraindicated.
  6. The sauna is a silence zone where one must remain calm and be still. Bringing mobile phones to the sauna zone is not allowed.


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